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General Rules and Regulations for cleanroom

General Rules and Regulations for cleanroom

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General work guidelines and procedures were established due to the reality that some cleanroom work when improperly performed can lead to personal injury, the injury of others, and to the damage of the workplace and equipment, these guidelines and procedures are intended to familiarize cleanroom users with the dangers present in the cleanroom environment



1. Only qualified individuals may enter the cleanroom. Do not enter the HPM room or Service Corridor unless given permission. No makeup-especially powders.

2. All equipment usage must be logged both digitally and in logbooks where applicable.

3. Check any item used (especially gowns and PPE) for contamination before use. Bunny suits, safety glasses, boots, hair nets, mustache/beard nets and gloves must be worn at all times inside the cleanroom.

4. Do not bring in nonessential items beyond the gowning room. Only necessary items are allowed in the cleanroom beyond the gowning room. No food, drinks, smoking, chewing gum or pencils.

5. Wash gowns once every two weeks, make sure there is no contamination and once it must be placed in laundry hamper in gowning room and fill out log on wall.

Make sure always wearing personal protective equipment when working with chemicals, and always inspecting personal protective equipment before and after use.  Check for holes, stains and other indicators of contamination.