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Human Attitude

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The success of clean room depends on construction quality, for this reason, both construction personnel and supervision staff should have sufficient understanding about clean room: construction personnel avoid jerry-building, together with proper requirements of supervision staff and practical inspection during the construction, will lead to perfect engineering quality of clean room.

1.1 Builders’ Attitudinal Cognition

Clean room is about control of particles invisible to naked eyes, thus the employer or the head of construction field must acquaint the builders with full understanding of the necessity for 「precautions」 in the process of construction. In particular, for some workers without experience in the construction of clean room, they could think 「Is there such a thing?」, such “stubborn” skilled workers are often 「destructive cause」 of engineering quality and should be replaced as early as possible.

1.2 No Expedition of Construction Term & Coordinating Construction Works

It’s a common domestic circumstance that 「during construction of clean room, the employer installs production machinery at the same time」, or「the employer, for the sake of early production, requests the contractor to expedite the construction」, which ends with the employer suffering loss. In fact, it’s impossible to expedite certain part of clean room construction, for instance, drying period of concrete and curing period of resin coating (About 2 days~2 weeks), and hardening period of adhesion agent (About 1~2 day(s)), for which you could do nothing but waiting.

1.3 Practical Supervision & Periodical Inspection

In addition to possessing recognition of his trade, supervision staff should 「dare to supervise」 (Note: professional in not necessarily management talent), patrol construction field on a daily basis, establish inspection items, and implement periodical and random inspection. Prevention beforehand is more effective than remedy afterward.