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Modular cleanrooms

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The trends in clean room technology are changing at a rapid pace. Everything in the clean room right from equipment to garments is changing. Moreover due to the  sky-rocketing prices, pharmaceutical companies have to think twice before building a clean room facility especially when their products are yet to be approved. To avoid this uncertainty of manufacturing of unapproved products, companies are now adopting modular concepts. 


Modular clean room is the latest technology where steel sandwich insulated panels of different core material and cladding materials are used  for room construction instead of cement-mortar construction which helps in time saving, power saving due to insulation of rooms and shifting of one unit to another depending upon viability and inter-shifting of cleanroom in same plant also.

Clean room modular partitions are an ideal alternative to conventionally constructed civil walls; firstly because they do not shed any particles like civil walls, thus contributing less to airborne particulate matter and secondly they can be easily cleaned every day. Also the wall thickness of modular partition is less than that of a civil wall, thus providing more usable area for clean room applications. 


Modular cleanrooms are more commonly used for larger cleanrooms inside a manufacturing space.  These cleanrooms are flexible to long term expansion and moving large equipment through the removable wall panels. They also have the flexibility of utilizing a once thru or recirculating HVAC design. In addition, the variety of wall panel construction and surface material allows these systems to be practical in virtually any environment. 

Modular, free-standing cleanrooms have many distinct advantages over their fixed wall counterparts. Using modular rooms greatly reduces design, engineering, and construction time, thereby reducing  time, money and taxes. All material is pre-cut, metered and completely finished. No taping, sanding or painting are needed. Since they are not an integral part of a larger structure, modular rooms can be taken down and moved to other facilities, or even sold as an asset. Fixed wall cleanrooms do not have this flexibility.