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Benefits of Modular Cleanroom

Benefits of Modular Cleanroom

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Modular cleanrooms are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of industries. Quick to install and easy to expand, this type of cleanroom can be suitable for many applications, ranging from lab researching to medical and pharmaceutical  manufacturing. If you're still struggling about setting up a permanent cleanroom project or building a modular cleanroom, the following could convince you to try out this type of cleanroom in your own company.



Rapid Construction

For many organizations, the key benefit of a modular cleanroom is the speed and ease of installation with local workers. Constructed from a sturdy frame and pre-fabricated panels, modular cleanrooms take days even hours to set up, rather than months that could be needed for a traditional structure. That means your team can begin using the new facility in a couple of days after the materials arriving in your factory. Additionally, because so much of the construction takes place off-site, the amount of disruption occurring in your workplace is minimized.

Low Running Costs

Modular cleanrooms have a very efficient design that can make them very cheap to run. Cleanrooms constructed in this way can often require less outdoor air for their temperature and humidity control, therefore reducing the energy cost of keeping the cleanroom environment stable.

Easy to Maintain

Modular cleanrooms have a big advantage over permanent cleanroom structures: they make maintenance easier. You can address damage to the walls of the cleanroom by replacing a single panel, rather than having to consider the whole structure. Many modular cleanroom models also come with the option of a walkable ceiling, which allows workers to access the cleanroom from above. Walkable ceilings are durable and don't absorb moisture, which makes them a great choice in humid environments.

Effective Performance

When it comes to many applications in science, medicine, and manufacturing, modular cleanrooms can fulfill your team's needs just as well as a traditional structure. Modular cleanrooms can be fitted with HEPA filters, which efficiently remove tiny particles from the air to keep your work free from contamination. The highly flexible nature of a modular cleanroom design means that you can choose to customize yours with additional cleanroom accessories to keep the environment even more tightly controlled. Whether you need to comply with ISO, FDA, or EU standards, it's likely that there is a modular cleanroom design that is suitable for your needs.