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Cleanroom cleaning after Construction

Cleanroom cleaning after Construction

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One major cause of complications during the handover of a newly constructed cleanroom is not having a clear post-construction cleaning plan. Builders are responsible for delivering the facility cleaned, ready to meet a certain standard, but you as the room owner are responsible for these contaminants being removed prior to certification. Failing to eliminate particles and residue generated during the construction phase could result in these contaminants remaining in the environment for years to come. Just cleaning away visible debris is not sufficient to keep a cleanroom to reach a certain clean class. Particles must be removed to the sub-micron level (Must be measured by particle counter or other professional devices). Builders, along with general cleaners, lack the specialist cleanroom cleaning expertise, methods and equipment necessary to clean surfaces to the required ISO Class level. By using incorrect equipment, they could possibly even damage cleanroom surfaces and make them more likely to harbour bacteria and particulates. What can you do to prevent the risk of a less-than-successful post-Construction clean?

A builder has to work with someone familiar with cleanroom cleaning who can develop a list specifically for post-construction cleaning. In a post-construction clean, the whole clean procedure must be divided into three stages, depending on the ISO Class of the room. The first phase focuses on removing gross contamination left from construction. The second phase addresses fine contaminants and prepares the facility for pre-validation and sterile cleans. The last stage is before trial production. Although it is no replacement for full ISO certification, an air particle report made by a hand-held particle counter is a useful guide as to whether a post-construction clean has achieved the desired ISO Class particle results.