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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:If air change frequency for Class 100,000 clean room is 15~25 times/hour, is 15 times/hour or 25 times/hour proper in the desi
Q:For clean room of Class 10,000, air conditioning is only started until before the production, at each start-up, light steel fr
Q: If same HEPA is used in tunnel clean room, how to reach different cleanliness classs in equipment area and walkway area with
Q:During test of cleanliness, if 10 points are tested, of which cleanliness is exceeded only at 1 point, but the value of cleanl
Q:What the effect will bring if air curtain is set up at the entrance of clean room?
Q:Will increasing air outlet speed help improve cleanliness?
Q:If the same clean room is to change from original class 100,000 to class 100, what is the optimal coil cooling load?
Q:What is the value of cooling load of clean room? Square meter/RT.
Q:How to configure return air outlet in large clean room with non-unidirectional flow?
Q:What are advantages and disadvantages with clean room using packaged air conditioner (PAC) and air handling unit (AHU)?