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How to control noise in dust-free workshop during operation

How to control noise in dust-free workshop during operation

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In addition to the cleanliness aspect, the dust-free workshop also has to reach a certain standard, that is, noise abatement and control. I believe many friends will not understand the question and answer. Why do dust-free workshops control noise? For three reasons.
1. The effect of annoyance. As a result of the noise, makes the person feel restless and produces the vexed mood, generally divides into extremely quiet, very quiet, is quiet, slightly dislikes noise, is more noisy and extremely noisy 7 vexed grades. If the level of response is very noisy and extremely noisy, it is high worry rate, and the percentage of high annoyance number in the total number of people is high worry rate.
2. The effect on working efficiency. This mainly depends on three aspects of the level of response, these three aspects are: concentration, action accuracy, working speed.
3. Interference with comprehensive communications This is mainly divided into: clear or satisfied, slightly difficult, impossible. All the above three indexes are evaluated with A sound level. According to the data of the clean workshop design code, only 30% of the people felt high trouble below 65dB (A). In 65-70dB (A), the response to three aspects of work efficiency was lower than that of 60dB (A), and it was difficult to speak clearly under 60dB (A). It was difficult for 60~75dB (A) and difficult for dogs to work in 75dB. Therefore, it is considered that the noise level of the clean room should be 65 d, which can make High trouble rate less than 30; ensure general call; have little effect on work efficiency.
Since noise brings so much harm to us, how can we control the noise effectively?
First of all, purification engineering companies should choose a variety of equipment should be low-noise products. Special sound insulation facilities (such as sound insulation, cover, etc.) shall be provided for equipment whose radiated noise value exceeds the allowable value of the clean room.
Secondly, the noise control requirements should be taken into account when designing the level and profile of the plant in the purification engineering company. The enclosure structure of the clean room should have good sound insulation performance and make the sound insulation of each part close to each other.
Thirdly, the noise level (empty state) in the purification project should not be greater than the 60dB (A), one-way flow in the non-unidirectional flow clean room, and the mixed flow clean room should not be greater than the 65dB (A).
Finally, the noise spectrum of purification engineering company should be limited by frequency doubling range sound pressure level, and the sound pressure level of each frequency band should not be greater than that specified in Table 2. When the noise of ventilation and air conditioning system exceeds the allowable value, control measures such as sound insulation, noise attenuation and vibration isolation should be taken. The exhaust system in the clean room should be designed to reduce noise in addition to the accident exhaust air.
These are some methods of noise control in dust-free workshops. Although noise is inevitable in work, we can control noise by effective means. Make our working environment better step by step.