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Key points on planning of general design

Key points on planning of general design

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Owing to the wide scope involved, the turn key projects of the clean room (as shown in Table 3-1) shall be jointly planned by professionals for building, water and electricity, air-conditioner, environmental protection, shock resistance, and manufacturing. So it is necessary to ask highly experienced professional engineers or institutions to carry out the design planning.

Although many clean room plannings are based on the available buildings, the following items shall be confirmed as much as possible in order to avoid fault.

  1. Class of cleanliness
  2. Measures for balanced cell pressure
  3. Requirements for temperature and humidity
  4. Calorific value of mechanical equipment
  5. Confirm production process
  6. Necessity for local exhaust
  7. Future elasticity expansion
  8. Enough maintenance space
  9. Mode of air supply by air conditioner
  10. Arrangement of staff’s resting area
  11. Configurations of facilities and power
  12. Interior net storey height and carrying capacity of floor
  13. Device space and pipe space
  14. Fewer doors and windows and desirable gas tightness
  15. Static, vibration and noise
  16. Less cross between production line and activity line
  17. Public hazard, pollution and disaster prevention 
  18. Measurement of installation and operation cost

2. Flow Line Planning on Clean Room

The so-called flow line means the path for inflow of personnel and materials and the path for outflow of personnel and finished products. In the planning, personnel (Vehicles) path, pipe laying system, exhaust pipeline, materials handing & operation processes should be reviewed and analyzed to shorten flow line as possible, and avoid crossing, so as to prevent cross contamination.

3. Configuration of Clean Room

Table 3-1 sets out planning processes of clean room in the whole plant, which are taken as initial stage by the employer of clean room regarding comprehensive engineering (Estimation) analysis on the building, production, processing, air conditioning, water supply & drainage, electric lighting, nuisance prevention, running management mode of clean room etc. In this unit, area, function and configuration of various installations constituting clean room are discussed.