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Classification & Function of Clean Room Installations

Classification & Function of Clean Room Installations

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(A)「Clean Room」Main Room

It refers to the room for configuring of machinery and equipment and operating room based on production process. Servicing & maintenance space in tunnel clean room is also included in the main room.

(B)「Clean Room」Auxiliary Room

Changing room, front room, rest room, washroom, front room for entry of machinery and materials, storage room, air lock room, air washing room, delivery room, monitoring management room are auxiliary rooms, with following main functions:
① Management of materials, machinery, products and personnel for access to and from main room.
② Used as buffer area of main room to reduce contamination transmission by personnel and materials access to and from main room.
③ For leisure service of operators in main room (e.g. food, rest, entertainment etc 24h per day).

(C) Management space

It refers to space for common management and technical management, meeting, rest and restaurant services, with following functions:
① This room is used for technical management of production process.
② Fire protection and safety monitoring management.
③ This room is used for leisure of the operators.

(D) Equipment space

It varies depending on industry. Take a semiconductor factory as an example, it contains such equipment as cold and warm heat sources, air conditioning, air supply & exhaust, water supply & drainage, supply of special gas, supply of chemicals, exhaust treatment, electrification & substation, wiring, piping, air pipe etc, with following functions:
① Maintenance of cleanliness, temperature and humidity in main room.
② Maintenance of supply of energy, water, chemicals and special gas.
③ Exhaustion and treatment of waste water exhaust gas generated in main room.