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Key points of building construction

Key points of building construction

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  1. The surface shall be smooth.
  2. The corners shall be round and easy to clean and without dust.
  3. The floor shall be level; fluctuations shall be avoided as much as possible.
  4. The (combined) wall surface must be vertical and without incline.
  5. The board notch shall be straight and the seam crossing shall be free of gap.
  6. The pipe, line outlet and socket shall be sealed and handled properly.
  7. The dust generated during construction shall be removed at once.
  8. It is advisable to properly seal the connection between doors, windows and walls with cement paste or Silicone.
  9. Before apply coating, the wall and floor must be solid, smooth, clean and dry.
  10. The bottom of the stickers for synthetic resin plates or tiles shall be treated properly and the stickers shall be stuck after the bottom has dried completely.
  11. The floor shall be applied with Epoxy coating of desirable thickness of 3-5 mm. It is advisable to apply Epoxy coating of 0.2mm to the wall and ceiling.
  12. When the pipeline is connected with the ceiling or wall, it shall be sealed with Silicone or foam material. Besides, it is necessary to prevent the pipeline vibration from transmitting to the buildings.
  13. The junction between the framework of the suspended ceiling (fixed frame) and the ceiling plate shall be connected tightly.
  14. The solvent may generate volatile and noxious gas or be flammable. It is advisable to have good ventilation and it is prohibited to have sparks (and smoke).
  15. It is advisable to entrust professional manufacturer to produce the hard materials in the clean room (building material, wall, floor and ceiling, etc.) High-level professional manufacturers shall have detailed construction specification and their project quality is easy to be grasped.