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Address:Room A405-A408, West Silicon Valley B, Bao'an Blvd, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, China

Time:Monday to Friday
at 8:30am to 18:00pm

Quality Certification

1. Credentials & Honors (Your Trust, Our Responsibility)

TUV Certification


CE Certification
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ISO9001:2008 International Management System Certification
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Qualification of Decoration design and Construction



The Patent Certification
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2. Awards and honors

We feel honorable that our clients are satisfied with our products and service. Your trust is our motivation to do even better.
Hi-Tech Fair Outstanding Product Award in 2006
Hi-Tech Fair Achievements Award In 2008
Hi-Tech Fair Innovative Enterprise Honor In 2009
Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics
Standing Membership of Shenzhen Tablet Display Industry Association
Member of China Clean Technology Association
Member of Chinese Refrigeration Industry Association
Member of China Glass Industry Association
Member of Medical Device Industry Association
Member of China Packaging Industry Association

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Production Safety QualifIcation

FastIns Modular Cleanroom SolutionGlobal Customer Coverage, Performance Demonstrates Strength