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Fast Rolling Door

Technical Parameters & Description: 

Door construction: High density 2.5mm thick stainless steel bending shape with dust proof design. High density EPDM dust proof fixed brush installed inside the door sliding rail with the functions of dust proof, insect proof, sealant and others.

Door curtain: High density special quick door curtain imported from Europe with yellow, blue, transparent and other colors for option. Tensile strength(warp/weft): N/5CM, 4000/3500; tear strength(warp/weft):N6000/6000; applicable temperature°C(-)40~(+)70.

Wind resistant pole: International high density anti-oxidation aluminum alloy wind resistant pole. To achieve the best performance of wind resistance, there are super wind resistant type, medium wind resistant type and small wind resistant type according to the size of door hole and wind pressure. With the updated function of curtain segments replaced, segmented aluminum alloy is with better performance of wind resistance.

Transparency: Horizontal transparent window in the middle of the door, which achieves the visual operation and safe use.

Sealed performance: Sealant in the bottom of door curtain, which can be connected closely with different rough floor. Sealed strip on both side of door frame. (insect proof, dust proof, sound insulation)


Drive system: Joint ventured SEJ motor: 1500s/t
   power: 0.75KW
    1P, 230V, 50HZ
    S4 big load bearing capacity, high efficiency and low noise.

Speed: 0.6m~1.0m/s(use converter to adjust the speed)

Control system: HOLIP 1.5KW, 220V controller with Mitsubishi CPU with the functions of high performance, high stability, high precious positioning and others. Its function of postponed stop ensures the stability of door running and increases the life span.

Positioning system: High precious encoder limits preciously to prevent the door from over rolling or early stop rolling.

Start-up: Panasonic micro sensor is with wide adjustment, high sensitivity, and quick response features. Two start-up bottoms will be added on every door, which is more convenient for use and management.

Safe device: Infrared security: OMRON infrared photoelectricity
protection system on both side of door frame,
which can protect people and vehicles effectively.

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