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  • Temperature controlled hardwall modular clean room MCR-6HD-TB
  • Temperature controlled hardwall modular clean room MCR-6HD-TB
  • Temperature controlled hardwall modular clean room MCR-6HD-TB
  • Temperature controlled hardwall modular clean room MCR-6HD-TB

Temperature controlled hardwall modular clean room MCR-6HD-TB

Brief introduction:Brief introduction of modular cleanroom:A highly clean controlled environment centered on FFU (Fan Filter Unit);Applicable to the present office, ordinary workshop or low-degree pla...
Brief introduction

Brief introduction:


Brief introduction of modular cleanroom:

A highly clean controlled environment centered on FFU (Fan Filter Unit);

Applicable to the present office, ordinary workshop or low-degree plant; quickly establish cleaner room;


A. The clean room can be quickly installed in the existing ordinary environment, and improve the working environment.

B. Low cost, high speed and easy upgrading.

C. The structure is solid and can stand independently and freely.

D.Cleanliness: from Class 100 to Class 100,000

E.Application: Bio-pharmaceuticals, medical, food, photoelectricity, semiconductor and so on, improving the working environment quickly.



ItemHard wall modular clean room
CleanlinessClass 100 to Class 100,000
Boundary dimensionLXWXHDesigned as per customer’s requirements
FFUDimension2X2, 2X4, 4X4     optional
Structural materialStainless steel, aluminum alloy, Al-Zn plate
Power supply110V/60HZ/AC/DC、220V/60HZ/AC/DC
FilterMini pleat HEPA filter/ULPA filter optional
Material of frame Aluminum alloy / stainless steel 201/SUS 304
Material of wall Acrylic / Sanwich panel / Anti-static acrylic 106~109Ω
CeilingAluminium-plastic panel, sandwich panel


ItemHard wall modular clean room
Lighting Clean lightingLED/T5 optional 
Air conditionerDesign as per requirements Constant temperature air conditioning /constant temperature and constant humidity air-conditioner;    optional  
Air showerOptional 
Pass boxOptional 
buffer roomOptional 
Airflow floorOptional 
Assembly lineOptional 
Clean benchOptional 
Other clean room facilities  Carry out design and installation as per customer requirements   



Selection of hard wall modular clean room


Common specifications on module clean room
Size (mm) Quantity of installed ceilingNumber of filter of level 209 as per the Federal Reserve standard
8x8(2438x2438) 85-84-83-62-3
8x12(2438x3658) 127-126-124-83-5
8x16(2438x4877) 1610-168-166-114-6
12x12(3658x3658) 1811-189-186-135-7
12x16(3659x4877) 2414-2412-248-177-10
16x16(4877x4877) 3219-3216-32  11-228-13
20x20(6096x6096) 5030-50  25-50  18-3513-20


Note: Besides specification above, we can customize as required.


Characteristics of all the parts:

Structure: The frame of hard wall clean booth has two selections: SUS stainless steel and aluminum alloy;
The SUS stainless steel can resist corrosion and has high structural strength; aluminium alloy structure leads to easy assembly, standard accessories and good airtightness;

Ceiling: Aluminium-plastic panel is light in weight, easy to install, and has multiple colors for selection;
The sandwich board ceiling has great strength and excellent thermal insulation property; higher requirement for large-area temperature and humidity, good choice for clean room (Ivory white is usually adopted.)

Wall: Transparent acrylic sheet is high in strength and low in price. The anti-static acrylic sheet may lead the surface static electricity to the underground to keep the surface from absorbing dust or fiber. It is applicable to modular clean room that requires high demand for cleanliness and static.

FFU: Excellent energy-saving draught fan will be adopted, whose noise and energy consumption are on the low side. Meanwhile, the draught fan can be designated by customers, such as EBM of Germany. The casing is made of aluminized and galvanized plate, stainless steel or aluminum steel.

Control system: The control system has been developed by AIRKEY on its own. FFU is controlled in group or is under centralized control of PLC. It can regulate the wind speed, differential pressure, temperature and humidity of EFU (applicable to system with air conditioner).

H1KU8sDiSWOktcPY6nQAKg.jpgOther optional accessories (directly connected with related products)
Air shower
Delivery window
Automatic door
Fast rolling door

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