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Address:Room A405-A408, West Silicon Valley B, Bao'an Blvd, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, China

Time:Monday to Friday
at 8:30am to 18:00pm

Our Value and Culture

1.Business Principle


Be responsive to business environment and clients’ requirements


The focus of our clients and the bottom line for the survival of a company.


Be accurate about cost management; Our growth comes from the success of our clients


Encourage technique innovation and pursue perfection.

Team work

Success of Airkey comes from the contribution and team work of every people in Airkey.


We are always willing to assume responsibilities. We always keep our promise


Speed is the key competitiveness of manufacturing industry, it is the only choice to produce in bulk with the quickest speed to occupy the market.

We lead the way because we realize the goal of our clients with quick speed

Lead time is the reputation of a corporation; Strong coordinating ability is the guarantee for on time schedule. We always keep promise and never evade our responsibilities; we have comprehensive plans and follow up steadily.


Quality is the dignity of a corporation, the focus of our client and the basis of our survival.

Many year’s experience enable us to establish a whole set of quality control mechanism. We have rigid check standard and control methods during every step of installation.


We manufacture core products in our own factory to control cost and ensure quality.
We redesign non-standard products that are not vital and outsource.
We establish warehouse to buy in bulk and deliver in batch

2. Our Values

Take Responsibility

We are always willing to assume responsibilities. We always keep our promise and carry out our work in accordance with highest occupational and moral standards.

We are determined to be responsible for our families, for our society and for our clients.

Also, we pass on these codes of conduct to our business partners, suppliers and other relevant personnel. We also hope them to abide by similar moral standards.

Pursuit for Excellence

We pursue prominent business sales and furthermore pursue a prominent life.

For our products and service, we constantly abide by “To pursue the perfection of quality” and ”To exceed customers’ expectations”.

For our staff, we attract prominent talents and help them to master skills needed to be successful. Airkey provides them with opportunities and platforms to explore their potential.

To achieve excellence, we need to explore a path for constant improvement. This requires us to have a fast and efficient response to changes to ensure that we will grasp opportunities.


Airkey is determined to hold high the importance of innovation and create sustainable value.

Our clients’ increasingly higher requirements for their manufacturing environment are our persistent drive for better techniques and product quality. We lead the industry by always developing more energy-saving and more environment-friendly techniques.

Airkey helps staff to realize their potential and creativity by encouraging innovation constantly. We are proud to have a positive and enthusiastic culture.


Airkey has been adhering to the talents concept of “Put people first and sustainable development ”; We pay high attention to after-work activities and create friendly and inspiring cultural atmosphere

Activity 1(Development Training)

Confidence comes from responsibility, success comes from teamwork

Activity2(Morning class sharing)

Sharing helps us grow better


Appreciate the beauty of nature and feel the charm of culture


Taste the snacks and enjoy a nap at work


Free the enthusiasm of youth and show our characteristics

Activity6(Self service barbecue and Cooking)

Make a meal of our own which is environmental friendly and healthy.

Environment / Health / Safety(EHS)

4.1 EHS Concepts:

We care every people who live in the same environment with us. Every staff, contract employee and visitor has the right to work in safe environment. We believe that, by constant effort, accidents and occupational diseases can be avoided. Every member in Airkey has the duty to help to create a first-class working environment.

4.2 Risk management (Safety education, security measures)

1.Hazard identification

We identify all the operations that may cause the risk to environment, health or safety. We provide every details for each operation process to reduce risks.

2.Risk assessment

We assess a variety of potential hazards, and risk factors. We judge the harm degree it can cause and how much loss we will have, and if we can shoulder the harm.

3.Risk Prevention and Management

We take safety precautions to prevent from unbearable harm and stay safe

4.3 Site safety management

At the construction site we set up a special safety management mechanism to strict control site management

1. Each construction site has a full-time security officer, and qualified safety engineers who have trained and qualified by the national government.
2. We purchase personal accident insurance for every employee.
3. We hold safety meetings regularly.
4. We have strict training of safety before construction and we explained clearly the safety importance.


5.Our Team and service(Science realize our dream and innovation win future)

Airkey is always keeping a close eye on the new trends on clean room technology. Whether it is clean room for electronics or for biological pharmacy, Airkey is glad to share our experience with our clients from every industry.

  • Senior Clean Techniques Specialists

  • Advanced R&D of whole industry Chain Manufacturing Center

  • Many National Innovation Patents Annually

  • Research Base of Many Prestigious Universities


Over the years, our design, research and engineering practice have been adhering to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. By constantly developing cleanroom energy saving technology, we help our clients to save energy, reduce waste,and reduce running cost.


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