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Electronic Interlocking Door

AIRKEY electronic interlocking door with simple construction and easy installation, which can control double doors or multi doors interlock to ensure only one door open simultaneously . It keeps the stability of different pressure of near rooms, achieves the sealed isolation, and avoids the cross-contamination.

1. When a door is open for over 10 seconds, buzzer will prompt to close the door with the sound of “du...”;
2. When a door is open for over 1 minutes, other doors will unlock automatically with the warning of closing the door to keep the room sealant;
3. All electronic locks will open automatically in the condition of power off to keep safety.;
4. Various material and type of door is optional;
    A:  Material: powder coated steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy  ;
    B: Type: ordinary side-hung door, automatic sliding door, automatic quick roller shutter door, and others.


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