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Handicraft Panel

Handicraft panel has high corrosion resistance, as is used PET color-coating steel sheet as surface. The core material is A grade fire-resistant materials( glass magnesium, rock wool, aluminum honeycomb) , it is an excellent fire-proof building and decoration composite materials till now.


① Regular thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
② Regular width: 980mm, 1180mm (Available in 300mm~1180mm, as per customer’s requirement)
③ Regular length: 1000mm-6000mm (It depends on project’s requirement and transportation condition)

Applicable core material:
Magnesium, rock wool, Aluminum honeycomb, cellular honeycomb, XPS, PU etc


Installation structure: connected by aluminum profile


High corrosion resistance
Core material is A grade fire-resistant materials (except cellular honeycomb core material)
It will be neither melt nor breakdown droppings when burning.
High strength, high impact-resistant, earthquake-resistant and convenient assemble.


Application Field:
Handicraft is widely used as exterior wall panel in clean workshop, the clean rooms of pharmacy, electronics, biology research, foodstuff, beverage etc.

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0086 183 1999 9105