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Installation of Sandwich Panels

Panel packages must be unloaded near the installation site in order to avoid additional relocation of panels. Panel packages should be placed with the male joint towards the building, to avoid additional turning of panels for the installation. The panels are packed in the order they are to be installed – the top panel in the package is the first for installation. The upper side of panel is the external surface of the constructible wall. The panels must always be lifted from the package, it is not allowed to push or pull them. Do not place other loads or objects on the panels. Panels are installed having regard to producer’s recommendations and in accordance with installation drawings.


General Instructions for Panel Installation

It is prohibited to lift the sandwich panels by the top metal sheet.

If the sandwich panels are lifted manually, they shall be taken by the bottom metal sheet, avoiding their scraping or deforming.

1. Make sure that the supporting structures (columns, crossbeams, foundations) are installed correctly to ensure the correct alignment of the panels.

2. The first panel is usually installed starting from the roof or wall corner. In separate cases the project may require a different installation solution. Before fixing the panels, make sure that they are correctly supported, the correct edge (male joint) is upwards and the panels are installed with the correct side of surface.

3. The recommended panel fixing is applied taking into consideration the minimal distance from the edge of the panel. Metal splinters are removed from drillings. In order to ensure tight, waterproof connection, the recommended fixing element should be placed in a 90° angle to the panel surface.

4. Before applying sealant on the surface, make sure that the surface is clean and dry. The sealant should be applied evenly with no interruptions.

5. Fine-tooth jigsaw or hard alloy circular saw should be used for cutting the panels. It is prohibited to use cutting instruments that heat the surface, e.g. abrasive disks. Any metal splinters should be removed from the cut immediately after completing the panel cutting.

6.Panel joints must be tight in order to prevent air and steam circulation.

7.If objects (shelves, lights, etc.) are fastened to sandwich panels the joints must be treated with sealant.

8. Joints of columns and panels must be treated with sealant.

9. To prevent rainfall from entering panel joints, the place where cover plates touch the panel surface should be treated with sealant.

10. During the installation the protection of sandwich panels’ tail-ends against the precipitation shall be ensured.


11. During the installation the movement of workers along the roof sandwich panels is ensured along the installed wooden deck. During the installation and service works only one worker shall be located within the distance of one span of the sandwich panel. Workers shall move along the surfaces of sandwich panels only in soft footwear.

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